For the past 25 years, Kathleen has mentored individuals and organizations all over the world.† With her background in personal growth, career development and planning, time management, and IT consulting, Kathleen has been able to help others achieve their own personal goals in their lives.


In addition to professional coaching Kathleen has ridden and successfully shown horses most of her life.† She is a certified riding instructor and has helped many riders achieve their goals both at home and in the show ring.

Kathleen Graham

Professional Coach

Member of International Coach Federation

Horses have always been an important part of my Life...


Horses have been a part of my life since I was 8 years old when my father surprised me with my first pony. I named him Mike and he was a brown and white pinto stallion. Even though he was a stallion Mike was a perfect gentleman. I learned a lot from him and we would trail ride all over the countryside. The area I grew up in New Jersey was all farm land and we would ride from one farm to another through meadows, creeks, and up and down hillsides. I rode Mike bareback and feel it gave me wonderful sense of balance on a horse. Riding bareback also allowed me to connect with my horse and understand how to follow a horseís movement to develop a true partnership.


Mike was a quick learner and I was able to teach him many tricks;† one of which was having him stand still while I ran up behind him hopped up on his back from behind (like the Lone Ranger) and take off through the pasture. I even taught him to Levade. The Levade was first taught at the beginning of the 20th century, asking the horse to hold a position approximately 30-35 degrees from the ground. The Levade is not the equivalent to rearing as it requires precise control, excellent balance, and a great deal of strength. The partnership and trust I developed with Mike allowed me to teach him many tricks easily just by using cues and my voice.


Since my time with Mike I have had the opportunity to work with many horses. Each one has been very different from the other. Horses have unique personalities and I have found over the years they always want to please. The only horses I have ever met in my life that were not friendly were ones abused or mistreated by people.


My current horse was out of work for two years due to a lameness issue.† I started him back in work using long lining.† In just a few short months his entire body transformed; his balance and self-carriage has improved tremendously.† A while ago I injured my back and now I am unable to ride. Long lining has given me an opportunity to enjoy my horse again.† The work we do together on the ground has far exceeded anything I have ever done in the saddle.† My partnership with him has grown and my bond is closer than itís ever been.† Through long lining we have learned to perform various high level dressage movements; shoulder-in, haunches-in, leg yield, pirouette, piaffe, flying changes, etc.† Every time I work with my horse I feel a sense of accomplishment.† I feel he also loves the work and looks forward to learning something new each time we work together. Long Lining has changed both our lives for the better.†


Horses have always been an important part of my life.† Long lining has become a new and rewarding chapter in my journey with these wonderful creatures!

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